Ironhorse Full Throttle Sugar Soap


Product Description

IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Sugar Soap is a fast and effective cleaner for everyday jobs.

For use on walls, doors, ceilings and other household surfaces. It is also ideal to clean walls & ceilings before painting.

The ready to use formula removes dirt, grease and grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean.

Preparation: Rubber gloves are recommended for use with any cleaning substance that may come in contact with the skin. We recommend to test the product in a hidden spot to ensure compatibility before use.

Application: Spray surface with thoroughly IRONHORSE FULL THROTTLE Sugar Soap. For areas with significant build up, leave for 30 seconds to allow the cleaner to penetrate the surface before wiping. Wipe in a side-to-side motion with a paper towel, sponge or microfibre cloth for best results. Once clean allow surface to dry.

Clean Up: Wash application sponge or cloth used thoroughly with water

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