Benjamin Moore recognizes that we have social, environmental and economic responsibilities to our stakeholders. We are invested in reducing our impact on the planet, offering a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees, and giving back where we live and work.
In the area of product, the Green Promise® designation is Benjamin Moore's assurance that its eco-conscious paints meet and exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore has applied the toughest standards to create a "Green Promise" designation so that you know the paint that's contained within goes above and beyond standard green expectations.
When we launched Gennex, we were the first company in the U.S. to introduce a minimal-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne tinting system. The innovation of Gennex means even in the darkest colours our tinted paint retains the lowest VOC* rating, an impossibility with generic, all-purpose colourant.

VOC levels are cited on all of our products. Since our products are manufactured and sold in North America as well as imported into Australia, our product labels, data-sheets and US generated marketing materials include statements relating to US legislation and US industry guidance. In particular, the US market allows for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation "zero VOC". In Australia, whilst we could make this claim as there is no VOC legislation disallowing this, we have decided to use ‘minimal VOC’ in Australia to fit better within the VOC terminology generally used throughout the local industry and so ensure we are not misleading in any way.

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