Gennex waterborne colourants are what sets Benjamin Moore paints apart from the competition. Typical colourants contain chemicals that weaken paint, make it thinner and more difficult to apply. These chemicals are necessary to ensure the colourant will mix with both solvent and water-based paints, but they reduce the paint's washability, allowing colour to rub off and fade. The darker the colour, the worse the performance becomes.

We make our own colourants, designed specifically for our paints, so we can remove the chemicals that weaken paint and deliver the same exceptional performance no matter how dark colour. What we ended up with is a colourant formula that's better, stronger and simpler. Gennex waterborne colourants give our paints vibrant hues that last for years.

The durability of paint tinted with conventional colourant drops significantly as the depth of the colour increases. But the durability of paint tinted with Gennex colourants remains consistent across all colour depths. Benjamin Moore extends its durability testing to its deepest colours, not just the whites, so you can be sure the deepest colours are just as washable and durable as the pales.

Our colour consistency is the precise result of Benjamin Moore paint and Benjamin Moore Gennex colourant, together. This particular pairing is what makes Benjamin Moore products impossible to replicate.
Mismatched colours are often not evident until the paint is on the walls, and the results can be disappointing. Competitors may claim they can match Benjamin Moore colours, but the truth is that they can't.

When a competing store offers to match a Benjamin Moore colour, their scanner simply provides its "best guess" for matching the colour using another paint, generic colourants and a different tinting system. While it may be close, the final result is not the colour you spent days or weeks deciding upon.

Be sure that the colour you picked is the colour you get.
Authentic Benjamin Moore colours are only available from Benjamin Moore

Unmatchable description of Benjamin Moore colour products